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Posted Date: 02/14/2023


Madison Parish School District

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is a State-mandated, district-level committee charged with providing input to the school district regarding special education and related services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) Bulletin 1706. This is a volunteer position for the SY 2022-2023 term in accordance with the school district’s SEAC procedures.

Description of Major Responsibilities

This position has primary responsibility for working with other SEAC members to fulfill the following functions outlined in the Louisiana law1:

a. Provide advice and feedback regarding special education policies, procedures, and resources;

b. Engage in outreach activities to the community at large to increase the level of knowledge, support, and collaboration with respect to special education;

c. Meet at least three times a year;

d. Participate in development of a report to be submitted to the local public school superintendent (or the administrative head of the charter school or other public school) in May of each year regarding the committee’s activities.


Other Commitments include:

$ Reviewing and abiding by SEAC operating procedures established by the school district.

$ Attending all scheduled SEAC meetings (3 annually).

$ Coming prepared to meetings. (Reading the minutes of each meeting and advising the chairperson of any corrections of needed revisions).

$ Listening to others respectfully and valuing the input of others.

$ Participating in community activities to increase awareness and collaboration regarding special education.

$ Focusing on general special education matters, not personal grievances or individual advocacy.

$ Working collaboratively with other SEAC members and school district leadership and personnel.